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Meet The Owner

Marie Bodog started Mbodied Studio in 2018. She began with just offering body sculpting services, she soon added post op services and that was the beginning to her Beaty Bar. In 2020 she was able to secure her first store front location. Now she has an amazing staff, has added more spa services including, facials, yoni steams and foot detox. Along with now teaching women how to start a body sculpting business. 

In 2019, Marie Graduated from St. Johns University with her Bachelors in Health Administration. Before starting Mbodied Studio she was a Certified nursing assistant. Marie has always worked in the healthcare. She started Mbodied Studio because she realized health is a huge part of beauty. If she can help people feel better, look better, and be comfortable in their own skin they are deemed to live healthier lifestyles. Mbodied studio provides non invasive services to help women and men build their beautiful and secure their path to a healthy lifestyle.

Women in Bodysuit

Build Your

Our Mission

Our mission at Mbodied Studio is to provide a world class spa experience for our customers and staff. Instilling confidence in everyone that walks through our door. For our clients to feel beautiful, prideful and confident by helping them through their journey to find their best self. Each therapist brings their passion, unique skills, personal touch, and understanding to ensure each guest receives a signature experience.

  • By providing the highest quality of body contouring, facials and post op services in an efficient and consistent manner to all clients.

  • Creating a safe space to feel comfortable communicating with our customers needs

  •  Using the highest quality and safest equipment

To serve and pamper our guests in the most indulgent way. To create a harmonious healing environment for all to enjoy. To offer exquisite experiences each and every time. .

Build. Your. Beautiful

Women in Bodysuit

Build Your

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